Devotion/Scripture of the week

Don’t Waste Time with Regrets

You don’t need to walk around carrying a load of guilt. The Apostle Paul says, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus,” (Romans 3:23-24 NASB).

God wants to forgive you. Imagine a giant blackboard with all of your sins written across it; God comes along with a giant eraser and erases it all. It’s like an Etch A Sketch: You turn it upside down, shake it, turn it back up, and the slate is clean. God’s forgiveness is the same way, and that’s good news, isn’t it?

But we need to accept God’s forgiveness. We may know about God’s forgiveness intellectually, but we have to believe it, deep down inside, accepting in faith that it is true — because it is!

One thing that often blocks us from accepting forgiveness from God is that we are unable to forgive ourselves. You need to forgive yourself for your past failures and sins, for the habits and hang-ups that led you to sin. Forgive yourself! God teaches us, “Let your eyes look directly ahead, and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.” (Proverbs 4:25 NASB).

Have you ever committed a sin and asked God to forgive you, and even though you know He’s forgiven you, you still feel lousy? What do you do in that situation? Do you go back and ask Him to forgive you again? Do you confess it over and over again?  No. You only have to confess a sin one time, and it’s forgiven. But you may have to forgive yourself multiple times and say it over and over until it sinks in: “God’s forgiven me. It’s over.”

Still, we want to keep reminding God of things He’s already forgotten. Someone once asked Eleanor Roosevelt, “How did you accomplish so much with your life?” She responded, “I never waste time with regrets.”

Don’t waste time with your regrets. Accept God’s forgiveness, and forgive yourself.