Tithes & Offerings (online giving)

Please continue to faithfully support the church financially with your tithes and offerings.  You can give through the following ways:

1.During the Sunday Morning Worship Service, give your tithes and offerings using the offering plates.  (A donation box is also available at the back of the sanctuary.)

2.Drop off your tithes and offerings at the church office.  360 Klutina, Valdez, AK

3.Mail your tithes and offerings to the church’s mailing address:  PO Box 888, Valdez AK 99686.

4.Online donation option.  It is through Aplos, the financial software First Baptist Church currently uses. – Credit Card, Debit Card, ACH (bank transfer).

click this secure link: https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/FirstBaptistChurchValdez/general




God has blessed each one of us.  All that we have comes from God.  We are stewards, and should wisely use whatever God has given us for His Honor and His Glory.

How do we give?

1.  It should be planned and regular.   It is your responsibility to plan what you want to give.  It is your decision.  Not with a bad attitude, not under compulsion.  God loves it when a person just loves to give to others.   By the way, in the Old Testament under the Law System there was 3 tithes.  Each year everyone gave 10% to the temple for its upkeep.  Another 10% to the priest.  Then every third year they would give another 10% for the poor.

Now because Jesus was the final sacrifice and the high priest, we aren’t under a sacrificial system:  there aren’t tithes to support that system.  We are under the offering system.

We are to give as you purpose in your heart.  Not grudging.  God loves a cheerful giver. You give whatever you choose.  If you want to give 10% you can.  If you want to give Biblical like those in the Old Testament then give 20%.  If you want to give more, great.

2. It should be consistent.  We are to give regularly.  Your motive for giving is three-fold:  a.  An act of love. For God and others.

b.  An act of worship. You are worshiping God through giving.

c. An act of trust.  Trust God to take care of your needs.